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Please listen carefully, because you’re about to find out something that many, many people don’t know, and that is… after nearly 70 years of complete stagnation, huge pharmaceutical companys are aggressively researching testosterone again! And one company is so aggressive; they recently used "Test Subjects" (bodybuilders and laymen) for a landmark clinical study on an experimental testosterone! And they actually gave them 1000mg a week for a a full 14 weeks, under a real doctors’ supervision! Oh man! You could put on 40-50 pounds of raw brutal muscle with this kind of dose!

The History Of Testosterone Research..
And Its Medical Importance

But before you get more amazing details about how you can participate in these kinds of medical studies, its important for you to learn a brief history of synthetic testosterone, and why it may be one of the most important drugs of the 21st century.

Synthetic testosterone was first produced by scientists at I.G. Farben in Berlin, Germany. Now, this company, IG Farben, basically supplied Hitler’s government with everything! And they had an extensive pharmaceutical division that, at one time, had over 1000 dedicated research facilities! So they were at the forefront of steroid research and by the mid 1930’s had developed synthetic testosterone and even nandrolone deconate (deca).

However, as you can imagine, IG Farben didn’t create synthetic testosterone so bodybuilders could develop 20 inch arms! Of course not, they developed testosterone for a multitude of legitimate medical purposes like to heal bone fractures faster and to treat osteoporosis. But it didn’t take folks long to figure out testosterone would also give an athlete a huge edge in sporting events. And even as early as the 1936, a small number of “in-the-know” Olympic athletes were using testosterone!

Testosterone Undeconate...
Maybe The Most Powerful Ester Of All!

Now, maybe if you’re a real steroid expert, you’ve already heard of testosterone undeconate. It’s a short acting testosterone ester that’s contained in popular underground testosterone from Mexico and South America called Sustanon 250! However, the doses of this super powerful testosterone in Sustanon 250 (75mg) is nothing compared to the dose you could take if you were to participate in a study like this one, 1000mg! Yes indeed! A staggering 1000mg in one shot! That is over 13 times the potency of what’s contained in Sustanon 250!

And never fear… because you’ll be under close medical supervision by the team of doctors who are conducting this groundbreaking medical study!

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